Monday, February 3, 2014

Crock Pot Monday - Pulled Pork

                                       Crock Pot Pulled Pork - Save Money and Save Time!

I have decided to start a new feature here on the blog for you. I know that saving time and money are both huge needs. For me, my crock pot is a big helper when it comes to both of these. Whether you work all day and need to come home to a hot meal or homeschool all day and get stressed by cooking, this is for you. Just think of all the fast food money you will save by cooking at home.

What you will need: 

  • Pork Butt - Size depends on what you will eat and what the sales are. I bought two on a buy one get one free sale and used it for this recipe. 
  • BBQ Sauce - One bottle should more than do the trick. I used a larger bottle because I made a very large roast. 
  • Crock Pot - I use This One and it works great for me. 
What to do: 
  • Smother the pork butt in BBQ sauce. - You don't have to use the whole bottle. Just make sure the top is completely coated. 
  • Turn on Crock pot on Low/Medium for 8 hours or high for 4. - This is really personal preference. I prefer to cook mine on a lower heat longer but I know sometimes that isn't practical. 
  • Shred it. - After your pork has cooked all day use two forks to shred it. Your meat should be very tender. 

I like mine over a bowl of rice. I take a spoon and drizzle the juice from the meat over the rice. You can also use this for pulled pork. 

What about freezing? 
My family can't eat an entire pork butt in one setting. I shred the remaining pork and divide it into ziploc bags. If you lay them flat they take up little space and you will have dinner ready for another night. 
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