Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hot Deal on Epic Mickey 2!!!

Right now you can get Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two - Nintendo Wii for only $3.98 on Amazon! Even better, you can get the PDP Epic Mickey 2 Mickey's Paintbrush for Wii for only $7.95. You can also get free shipping with Amazon Prime!

Thanks Surviving a Teacher's Salary! 

Geeky Educational Link Up Starting 7/29

Geeky Educational Link Up - 7/15 - 7/21

R is spending the week at camp which means I get a lot of alone time with C. I have to say I am really enjoying this. We have been using legos to build and taking part in one of my favorite activities. C has asked if we could watch Doctor Who all week! I will never turn that down. His older sister is scared of the show so we haven't been able to watch much. He has snagged this opportunity to catch up on the show with me.

I started him with Eccleston and he is loving it! Do your littles watch Doctor Who? Do you have a child that is more fearful of it or do all of your children grab a banana and call it a party?  

Introducing my Co-hosts! 
There are some great co-hosts for the Geeky Educational Link Up. You can find out a bit more about each co-host by clicking here. I highly recommend checking out their blogs each week as they will have different favorites than I will. Some of these blogs also post some great geek projects and Science projects! You never know. You might be highlighted on their blog.

My Favorite Post from last week 
Houseful of Chaos has put together a great unit about Superman. Did you know that it was more than a comic book? Find out more here! 

Inspiring NH Kids has done a great experiment that will be fun for many ages. Do you want to learn how to make pasta dance? Find out more here!

 Fran's World of Discovery has put together a fun Watermelon Day. This would be a perfect activity as summer starts to wrap up. Read more Here!

Rules of the Galactic Highway

Come share your week! I can't wait see, share, and pin all of them! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Legoland Florida Halloween Activities

Legoland Florida recently announced their offerings for the upcoming Halloween season. The park will be hosting its 3rd annual "Brick or Treat", every Saturday and Sunday during the month of October the event will feature a variety of events including:
  • LEGO Scary Scavenger Hunt in Miniland- Families can venture through Miniland searching for Ghost models to unscramble the secret word. All participants can enter for a chance to win LEGO prizes and tickets to LEGOLAND Florida!

  • Brick-or-Treat Trail- *New this year, limited quantities of a special commemorative  LEGO brick will be distributed on the Brick-or-Treat Trail! Children can trick-or-treat on the Brick-or-Treat Trail- gathering goodies, delicious treats and other surprises. This kid-sized cul-de-sac trail features several LEGO-themed treat stations and offers a safe, fun and entertaining trick-or-treating experience.

  • Emmet’s Everything is Awesome Costume Contest- The LEGO® Movie’s own Emmet will make a special appearance at the Wells Fargo 4D Theater for each contest. LEGOLAND Costume Contest is grouped into the following categories: 0-4 years | 5-7 years | 8-12 years. One winner from each age category will win a LEGO Prize Pack.

  • Other activities including a dace contest, character meet and greets and photo opportunities with the largest Lego pumpkin in the world.  
For more information on the event guest can go to http://florida.legoland.com for complete event details.

Cloth Diapers EWWWW!!!

The name of this post is what I thought when I first thought of cloth diapers. EW! I had visions of stinky poop infested diapers I would have to clean. I also thought of trying to pin down a squirming little bundle of joy without poking holes in him/her with those over-sized safety pins! This post is my way of saying I was wrong!
Cloth Diapers? EWWW The truth about whether they save money or not

I have to say that I would not survive long in the land of the old fashioned cloth diaper! So I did what every parent does. I bought disposables. My little man had to be allergic to everything so his expensive little tush was covered with Huggies! I have no problem with Huggies. They often have very high value coupons! I am usually able to get them for $4 or $5 a pack but that is still more money than I had to spend.

Then I watched my friend Crystal diapering her little boy in Bumgenius diapers!!! These diapers were not the old cloth diapers. She changed him using velcro tabs (also called hook-in-loop closures.) She was done changing L quicker than I was done changing C. The problem was I was still grossed out by the cleaning side of the equation.

Many phone calls to Crystal would follow. I asked, "are they hard to clean?" "No. Not at all. In fact all you do is spray out the poopy ones." "Do you wash the whole thing," I asked with visions of stuck mess in my head. "No. They use inserts that separate out and you wash both parts." I was a little intrigued.

I went to my computer and looked at the website. That is when the coupon queen in my had a minor heart attack. These diapers were selling for $15.95 each! I called her again. "Crystal, how can you justify that kind of money for these diapers?" She laughed a little and asked me to do the math. I did. If I were to buy my son a case of Huggies diapers at 39.95 every month for 2 1/2 years I would spend $1198.50. Ouch.

I then called back. "How many diapers would I need?" She answered,"12 will get you by and you can wash every day. 24 and you can wash less often." I then hung up and went to find out how much 24 diapers would cost me. If I bought them brand new without any coupons I would pay $359.60. From the total I had for the disposables that is a 70% savings over 2 1/2 years. I didn't have $359.60 to spend then though.

How did you buy them? 
I bought my first 12 diapers thru Diapers.com. They were running a promotion that awarded you with $10 off $50 in diapers on your first purchase. I have to admit I had some of my family do this promotion and payed them back to get my diapers for less. I don't recall my exact total. It has been a while but I had 12 diapers and I was ready to go.

I bought 1 a month for 2 months on Amazon using gift cards from Swagbucks until Cottonbabies had their Seconds sale. In a seconds sale you can purchase diapers that have a cosmetic defect but are completely functional. You can buy a brand new diaper for as little as $12. I bought 12 more. =)

Now that you are done with diapers, how was it? 
Using cloth diapers was one of the best decisions I could make for our family. Not only was it a huge financial help, C had many allergies that were not bothered by the cloth diapers. I am not sure if it was because of Cloth Diapers but C potty trained very early and he was the one to tell me he was ready.

There are other brands. 
I would like to end by making sure you know that there are other brands of cloth diapers. I have heard of Fuzzybunz, Econobum, and Flips. I only reviewed the diapers I knew though. You can feel free to post any comments about other brands if you would like!

Hot Deal on Mom Bundle of E-books!

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