Monday, October 20, 2014

Time Lord Fest 2014 - My Favorite Costumes

Time Lord Fest 2014 - My Favorite Costumes
For the last two years I have visited Tampa Time Lord Fest. Each year I try to highlight a few of the costumes that really stand out to me. You can find last year's here and the year before here.
This year the venue was very different. It was a bit darker so I didn't get the kind of images I like to bring you but some of these costumes were too amazing to skip.

David Tennant Cosplay
 Don't we all just want to stop at a table and have a chat with The Doctor? This amazing Ten was perfect and I had to capture him.
young amelia pond
 This young Amelia Pond was too adorable for words. I had to get permission from her parents to capture a picture.
Cyber woman and Dr. Geek
 This cyberwoman was fantastic! I met her while visiting with Dr. Geek. She said this was her first attempt at a costume. Well done my friend. I think you succeeded.
 These were two of the more elaborate costumes I saw. I was very very impressed with both. Not only were they amazing at the costuming, they were incredible about staying in character.

 It appears the vendor tables have been taken over by a very dark and terrifying force. I have a strange feeling no one will be robbing this table....
Time Lord Fest 2014 - My Favorite Costumes - Lady Cassondra and Chip
 The Lady Casandra made an appearance as well. This was my favorite costume choice of the day. The detail and work involved were absolutely stunning. Not to mention the amazing execution of Chip. I wish I would have grabbed you video because he mirrored the mannerisms beautifully!

Did you attend Time Lord Fest? Was there a costume I missed out on? Share in the comments or tell me more on Facebook.

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Thanksgiving Corn Craft

Thanksgiving Corn Craft
This month we have been learning a lot about the Pilgrims. We read a lot about the fact that they originally came looking for gold. Because of this, they did not know how to grow food. They had to ask the Native Americans for help. One of the things they were given was corn. Because of that I thought it would be fun to ignore the Thanksgiving Turkey this year and do a Thanksgiving Corn Craft instead.

What you will need: 

  • Construction Paper - 1 sheet each of red, yellow, and orange. 
  • Black Paint 
  • Packing Poppers - I am not sure what these are officially called. they are the things that come in boxes and make a fun popping noise. 
  • Marker/Pencil/Crayon 
  • Glue
What to do: 
Thanksgiving Corn Craft
  • Start by cutting a large yellow oval.
Thanksgiving Corn Craft
  • Next cut out equal sized orange and red ovals. 
  • Paint your packing popper with black paint. 
  • Gently place the yellow page on the poppers and tap. 
Thanksgiving Corn Craft
  • Glue your orange pieces at an angle on the front of your corn. 
  • Glue your red pieces on the back at an angle. 
Thanksgiving Corn Craft
  • Cut the orange along the outline of the red to round it out. 
  • Have your child write what they are thankful for and enjoy. 
Did you try this project? How did it come out? Were there any things that made you laugh on your child's list? 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

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Friday, October 17, 2014

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Free Doctor Who Inspired Story Prompts Printables

Free Doctor Who Inspired Story Prompts Printables

The school year is in full swing. I have put together a great pack of Doctor Who Inspired Story Writing Prompts for you. If your kids do these, please share them with me. I would love to see some Doctor Who inspired writing from the mind of a child.

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